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Personal Power

The Root of All Healing

The greatest lesson I have learned as a practitioner of Healing Arts is that all healing comes from within.  There is no shortage of practitioners out there that would beg to differ with that statement--asserting that they are capable of "healing" others.  I believe, however, that such a belief is not only erroneous, it disempowers the patient and makes them dependent upon the practitioner.  While this doesn't serve the patient, it certainly serves to externally increase the practitioner's sense of self-value at the patient's expense (punn intended).

Our bodies were intentionally designed to heal themselves.  Whether it's lowering anxiety and blood pressure through meditation or healing illness and increasing immunity by cultivating compassion and love for self and others, the evidence is mounting.  Thankfully, discoveries in Fascia Science and Quantum Physics are starting to support much of this "forgotten wisdom." As a practitioner of MFR, my purpose is to help direct or draw your awareness to the areas of your body--or beliefs--that are in need of healing . . . so that you may then do the difficult and personal work of healing yourself--if you choose to do so.

Our Thoughts Have Power  The discovery that our fascia and the thought processing centers of our brain share the same central structure as computer microchips has helped change the way we think about energy in our bodies--specifically, that our thoughts are energy.  Energy exists at different frequencies.  Research has associated positive thoughts with higher frequencies; negative thoughts (and illness) with lower frequencies.  Therein lies the basis of an ancient truth:  Thoughts are power.  

This is especially significant regarding how we think about ourselves.  When we dislike or reject ourselves, we fill our body with negative thoughts that lower our vibrational frequency.  This lower frequency has a "chilling" affect on our ground substance that increases the opportunity for it to crystalize--to turn from liquid to solid within our fascia.  This crystallization can either create restrictions that increase pressure/tension within the fascia and decrease our mobility/range of motion.  As most of our nerves terminate within the fascia, increased pressure/tension can cause pain that is otherwise unexplainable.  "Unexplainable pain" can lead to much frustration (and huge  medical expenses) from trying to find an explanation through the medical establishment.  This, however, is where MFR really excels.  When you understand the true nature--design and function--of fascia, suddenly nothing is unexplainable and everything makes sense.

Positive Thinking is Paramount to Healing  There is a reason why many counselors and psychotherapists assign positive affirmations to their patients:  Positive thoughts about one's self open the door to inner healing.  If negative thoughts can lower your frequency, positive thoughts can increase it.  But do not confuse this idea of "Positive thinking" or positive self-affirmations with conceit or naivete.  They are not the same.  That's why care is taken in the crafting of affirmations for healing purposes.  

For this reason, I have crafted an affirmation that uses an acronym to make it easier to remember.  I call it, "The Rule of LAWS."  It goes like this.

I Love myself.  I Accept myself.  I Want to heal.  I am Safe to heal.  I am Loved.  I am Accepted.  I am Worthy of healing.  I am    Safe to heal.

This affirmation can be used by itself, it can be called upon during any other healing session, and it can even be used with Tapping/ Emotional Freedom Technique.  I have found this affirmation to be powerfully helpful during particularly difficult MFR sessions on the verge of deep healing when the patient's ego is resisting by holding onto a negative self-image.