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COVID-19 Update:  Matrix Myofascial is again open for business!  Our provider is now fully vaccinated.    Outcall appointments within designated service area have resumed.  However, for the sake of caution, masks are still requested to be worn during all sessions until a critical threshold of vaccinations has been reached and all precautions lifted by both state and federal governments.



If you've landed on this page, chances are you are experiencing some sort of pain or decrease in the mobility of your body, and likely have been for some time.  Chances are you have been evaluated by your doctor(s) who may have ruled out any serious physical pathology.  Chances are also good that you have tried a variety of therapies to no avail. It's not your fault ... and it's not in your head.   

In most cases, a patient's experience of our health care industry is an exercise in packing, or should I say, being packed:  The patient being packed into a box.  Every doctor or specialist evaluates your symptoms to see what box you belong in.  The problem with this is two-fold--that different people don't fit into the same box no matter how you try, and symptoms do not always equal or indicate disease/pathology. The same symptoms can have different causes for different people. This is a major short-coming of our health care system. Yet, we have put so much faith into this system of boxes and packers--however well educated they may be--that we can be left feeling hopeless at best, crazy at worst.

Now that you have nothing to lose, why not try something different?  Myofascial Release, founded by John Barnes, is a form of bodywork on the cutting edge of modern health care. Going far beyond the current paradigm of Western Medicine and accepted protocols taught in medical schools, it is a therapy that acknowledges your truth: Your experience of your body.  

The Myofascial Release approach, MFR, is not symptom based.  It doesn't zoom in on a symptom (or collection of symptoms) and treat it.  Rather than a microscope, MFR is a camera that looks at the entire picture--your whole body.  It is a holistic approach that finds a symptom then looks for the cause elsewhere.  If the symptom were a light that didn't work, where a doctor might change a bulb only to be surprised when it still didn't work, the MFR practitioner traces the line back to the circuit breaker, turns on the power, then checks every light on the line to make sure its working--replacing (treating) as needed.  The MFR practitioner doesn't need check-boxes or labels.  The only label that matters to us is "Human Being." 

If you're looking for someone who will acknowledge you as a human being and accept your experience of your body without judgment, without attempting to pathologize your symptoms to fit you into some check-box category of treatment, then perhaps you too should change your paradigm of health.  Try something different and open your mind to a new way of healing.  The choice is yours . . . the way is Myofascial Release.

The basis of Myofascial Release and other modalities that focus specifically on fascia is the idea that the fascial system is much more important that we (even doctors) have been led to believe:  Fascia is our internal environment; it is involved in and influences every aspect of our life.  Relevant research backing this up can be found through the Fascia Research Society (FRS).  Researchers and clinicians can join FRS to participate in research studies, review published papers, serve on committees that help guide the direction of fascia research, and stay up to date on relevant information in the field of Fascia Science.  The Fascia Research Society can be found online at  (Unfortunately, their website will refuse to connect to third-party links other than search engines.)