Matrix Myofascial
Release what no longer serves you.


"I had chronic upper back pain for over two years with varying success from physical therapy and chiropractic services.  Since I have seen Ted, my pain has been resolved, and the relief has been sustained over several months.  
I would highly recommend Ted, as he is a skilled and professional practitioner.  Not only is he able to relieve pain, he also provides instruction and tools for maintaining and healing your own body."
Amherst, MA
". . . I just went on a 3.5 mile bike ride, NO knee pain at all!  That knee pain has kept me from riding for the past 6 years.  I was doing higher resistance, inclines, and no pain whatsoever.  [I] just wanted to thank you.  No expression of gratitude could put into words how much I appreciate the work you do.  I'm literally in disbelief.  So thank you!"
~Hannah O.
Northampton, MA
"I want to thank Ted for everything that he has done for me.  I was definitely new to Myofascial Release and its specific techniques.  It apparently takes a while for my body/ego to drop out, but by the 3rd and 4th appointments I really began to settle into the experience. It was amazing, my body really needs this.
Ted has accommodated my schedule every time which was amazing because I work multiple jobs and go to school.  He's very professional and I look forward to my future appointments."
~April B.
Holyoke, MA
"I have tried many types of bodywork over the years looking for relief from physical pain, discomfort, and stress-related tightness. Thus far, I have not found a better form of relief than the work I do with Ted using the John Barnes Myofascial Release approach.
I feel an immediate release on a physical level and great relief from allowing emotion that has been repressed in the body to be freed.  This leads to feelings of balance and openness in the body and a general sense of increased space, ease, and liberation.
As new channels in the body are opened, I have found there are new ways of being in my life that serve to create more ease, wellbeing, and freedom.  This is valuable work. 
Ted is both a skilled and effective practitioner as well as a compassionate and healing presence." 
~Karen H.
Yoga Instructor
Amherst, MA
"I weight train for exercise.  Recently, I developed chronic pain.  As a Physical Therapy Assistant, I am well versed in clinical tools to relieve pain.  However, in my case, traditional stretching/strengthening did not help.  Finally, I called Matrix Myofascial.
I had a breakthrough experience receiving an MFR treatment from Ted.  I felt completely comfortable in his professional presence and relaxed in the tranquil environment that he has created.
I was not sure what to expect of the therapy session, but as he guided me into my own self healing, I experienced an amazing relief and pain left the areas that have been troubling me for months.
Ted educated me on self care techniques that will help between sessions.  So far, I have not had the need for those tools because the pain relief has been so long lasting."
~Kristen T., PTA, CMT
Cranston, RI