Matrix Myofascial
Release what no longer serves you.

Services and Rates

Investing in John Barnes Myofascial Release, MFR, is more than an investment in your health . . . it is an investment in healing.  Only when we have healed from all of our past traumas can we release the sub-conscious holding patterns and behaviors that stand in the way of both our happiness and our success!

Myofascial Release combines functions of physical and energetic modalities.  However, its combination thereof is more than the sum of its parts.  The unique combination of touch, energy, time, and intention--with the patient's participation--creates a healing modality that is unlike any other.  We are all incredibly complex beings.  Our choice of healing should be just as complex.  There is no other modality that offers the comprehensive scope of healing that MFR represents:  Physical, Energetic, and Emotional.


MFR session offerings and prices are as follows:

30 Min          $50

60 Min          $85

90 min          $120

Sliding Scale available:  For those with limited means, this work is too necessary and beneficial to be denied.  If you are unable to pay my advertised rates, please let me know.  I will be happy to work something out with you.


Serving Those Who Served:  Matrix Myofascial is affiliated with the Warrior Recovery Network. Anyone who has any service connected disability is eligible to receive MFR treatment free of charge.  


Deferred Payment Policy:  For those injured in an auto accident with personal injury coverage, Matrix Myofascial can bill your auto insurance for your sessions.  Provider name, contact information, and claim number must be provided at time of first service.  A referral from an MD or DC is required.  A $40 billing and deferred payment fee, per session, will be applied to invoice.