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About the Practitioner


After serving with the Army in Afghanistan, I left the military in 2005.  In 2008, I realized that, along with healing, I needed to find a new way to bring meaning and satisfaction to my life.  But the healing wasn't just for me.   I realized that I wasn't just focused on my own suffering but the suffering of others as well--be it physical or emotional. So, in 2009, I attended massage school.  

As a practicing massage therapist, I took a serious approach and stayed away from "fluff and buff" massage.  I developed a sense of touch, a "feel," that made me an effective practitioner.   I focused on addressing the dysfunction of the body's soft tissues, not just on relaxation.  This healing focus led me to learn more about other modalities I was introduced to in massage school.  Some of these modalities were acupressure, polarity, reflexology, trigger point therapy, and somatic bodywork therapies. I integrated various techniques into my sessions that helped patients make incredible gains, both physically and emotionally, but I still felt like there was something more that I could be doing to assist in their healing. Then, at my first John Barnes Myofascial Release seminar, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

John Barnes Myofascial Release:  What's in a name?     I learned some basic Myofascial Release, MFR, techniques in massage school.  Most people do.  Like them, I even listed MFR as a service I provided early on.  It is a common marketing practice. However, I couldn't escape the feeling that I was being misleading or dishonest by promoting a skill I had not been properly trained in.  So, in 2012, I finally attended a training seminar with John Barnes.  Once I heard him speak, saw him demonstrate his method, and experienced it first-hand, I realized that I knew very little about MFR and healing. . . and the human body for that matter.  I knew that I had to change that.  So, I set out to take as much training from him as I possibly could.  

There are many alternatives, copies, and knock-offs out there trying to jump on the fascial therapy bandwagon.  There is Rolfing and its spin-off, Structural Integration. There's Fascial Manipulation.  There's  Fascial Massage and Fascial Manipulation.  But all these fall victim to the same left-brain intellectualization that limits the opportunity for real healing.  These modalities focus on the physical tissue only and put the practitioner in a position of power as "healer" over the patient.  My training with John Barnes has helped me to understand, by first-hand experience, that true healing comes from within.  As a modality, MFR helps the patient heal themselves.  The practitioner merely invites the patient to get their ego out of the way and let their consciousness--their higher self--do the real work.  This kind of empowerment is missing from the alternatives.  Interestingly, in a recent research study testing the effectiveness of different modalities on resolving fascial restrictions by measuring both electrical and thermal conductivity of tissue, it was Myofascial Release that showed the greatest change in before and after measurements.

I now have over 170 hours, nine courses, of hands-on training with John Barnes under my belt. Not only have I learned the techniques, but also the philosophy:  In order for healing to occur, the body must be addressed as the comprehensive, complex entity that it is.  That is to say that we are more than just physical beings, we are energetic beings too.  True healing requires integration of the two.  This is the principle of healing that must be applied along with the techniques.

You can choose to consider us little more than a collection of cells and molecules. Or you can open your mind to a new paradigm and begin to see yourself, and the world, in a different light.  You can keep going to the doctor for test after inconclusive test, keep taking medications to mask your symptoms and dull your senses, keep doing PT exercises that exacerbate your pain, keep getting oily rub-downs, or otherwise poked and prodded by those whose effects are minimal and short-lived . . . or you can come to Matrix Myofascial for something real and just as comprehensive as you.

Something for the Little People      Most people think of massage and bodywork as being something only for adults.  Everyone understands the benefit of bodywork to address injuries and holding patterns that have persisted for years . . . but how does that apply to children?

A child's body, like their mind, is incredibly resilient.  However, because they are growing, they have their own set of physical issues to be addressed by bodywork.  As bones grow, tissues can be stretched to the point of pain--especially fascia and dense connective tissues. In some cases, the growth of long bones can so significantly out-pace the lengthening of tendons that excessive compressive forces can be put on joints--leading to joint damage most commonly associated with old age.  Bodywork can help ease these growing pains and limit joint damage. The benefits of bodywork to your child's development are every bit as meaningful, if not more so, than any benefit to an adult.  Bodywork can improve your child's sleep, reduce their anxiety, help them feel more secure in their body and their environment, and reduce pain.

Recent scientific research has determined that a high-stress environment can actually affect a child's neurological development.  High stress endured over a long period of time (or regular basis) can activate a child's Sympathetic Nervous System--survival mode--otherwise known as "Fight, Flight, or Freeze."  In this state, survival is priority.  Energy and nutritional resources are diverted away from digestion and growth--both neurological and physical.  This can produce delays in development that are visible not only by growth charts, but in brain scans and academic performance.  Massage and Myofascial Release can deactivate your child's survival mode to reallocate essential resources to healthy development--growth and healing.  In other words, Pediatric Massage and Myofascial release can help your child thrive, not just survive.   For more information, please go to Beanstalk Massage.

Considering this under-served population, I discovered the Little Kidz Foundation. As far as I can determine, this is the only accredited entity in the US currently offering any kind of training, and certification, in pediatric massage that goes beyond, "Just use less pressure," as I (and most massage therapists, for that matter) was taught in massage school. Tina Allen, founder of the foundation, is THE premiere expert on the subject of pediatric massage.  I attended her training and went on to receive her certification, first as a Pediatric Massage Therapist then as a Pediatric Massage Therapist level II and also as an Infant Massage Teacher.  If you are curious about how massage could possibly help your child, please visit Beanstalk Massage or send me an email.

"I'm invested in your health . . . Are you?"  Since answering the call to heal, I have pursued extensive training.  It takes more than just skill to provide what a person needs to heal . . . it takes  compassion, intuition, knowledge, and wisdom. The last two are not to be confused--they are not the same.  Anyone can have knowledge.  But knowing how and when to apply it . . . that's wisdom.  That comes from having experience at putting the needs of others first, at opening one's self to Spirit, and taking one's ego out of the equation.  

As a practitioner, the therapy session is not about me.  It's not about what I can do to/for you.   I'm not here to heal you!  Rather, it's about what I can help you do for yourself.  True healing comes from within.  When we have the strength and courage to face our fears, feel our pains, and accept ourselves fully despite them, then we can heal.  Some may try to separate the human being into sections or categories to address individually.  However, in reality, we are a complex being that is designed for all systems, sections, and categories to function together seamlessly.  Whenever one gets out of sync, the entire complex system is thrown out of balance and ceases to function properly.  In this manner, the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind.  The physical body affects the energetic self and the energetic self the physical body.  True healing only comes from the integration of all systems.  

The philosophy and practice of true Myofascial Release is to acknowledge, accept, and address all aspects of the human complex.   The work itself combines physical and energetic work.  It also incorporates our higher consciousness, our essence or soul, to provide the wisdom to guide the healing work--both as practitioner and patient.  In this moment, immersed in total acceptance, we are free to feel what we have repressed--to experience and express it--without judgment.  My goal as a practitioner of MFR is to create and hold a truly safe and nurturing space where the patient can fully experience the vulnerability that remains after the defenses of ego and intellect are removed.  In this moment of vulnerability, we are able to reconnect with our higher self to let go of and move beyond what has held us back and weighed us down for so long.  In this moment, we heal . . . completely.

Fascia Research Society    I am a member of the Fascia Research Society.  I attended the Forth International Fascia Research Congress in 2015.  I plan to attend the Sixth International Fascia Research Congress in Montreal in 2021.  I base my clinical approach and patient education on a deep understanding of recent research that has yet to be integrated into the health care system.  As part of my effort to empower my patients, I encourage everyone to visit the Fascia Research Society's website and explore resources available there.